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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Application Installation / I love Linux

One of the reasons why I really like Linux is easy application searching and installation. To do this on Windows or Mac, I first need to Google where I can download the application, I download it, run the program, go through a tons of windows for the GUI installation process, and then I can run it.

When I need an update, I need to again get to some web site, download the app, run the installation executable, which then prompt me with even more choices before I can finally run it. Some applications come with its own updater, but it's not a standard practice, and although it helps with the user experience, it's considered a feature, and not a requirement.

With Linux, if I know what I need, I can perform installation in a single step:

apt-get install inkscape

Even better is the fact that if I knew I have to install multiple applications at once, I can just type:

apt-get install inkscape gimp firefox

and they all get downloaded automatically, installed, and ready to run.

Future updates to the applications are automatic. Ubuntu tells me whenever there's an update my applications, with an unobtrusive tray icon. Updates are a click away, simple as that. Updates for all the applications happen the same way, with very no in-your-face GUI after GUI to go through during the process.

I didn't get very conscious about these experience until moving from the Ubuntu desktop back to either a Windows or Mac machine. Those tasks often create unnecessary stress which I do not need.

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