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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Frustration with Yahoo Small Business

Last year I registered 200+ domain names with Yahoo. It was cheap and efficient, and all is well... until last week.

I had changed my American Express card number and as a result, when the domain names are up for renewal this year, the system alerted me on outdated information. I tried to update my payment information, and to my surprise there is no way to update all the payment methods at once. Domains' payment information can be updated one at a time only, which is a fundamental UI flaw.

To make matters worse, when I clicked on the link to update my information, the site would consistently return a blank page that leads to no where, and I am unable to update anything. I tried refreshing the page but again nothing happens.

In my frustration, I tried contacting support on the phone, and had been on hold for two hours without any assistance, and the call will then be terminated by the system. There are no email support available, and all the meanwhile I am receiving account suspension notices and my domains are failing one by one, a truly frustrating experience.

Here's when the nightmare begin: when I signed up for the service, the domains were 9.95/year. I just received emails telling me that starting on 2008-07-01, the renewals will cost me 34.95/year. If I were unable to cancel my accounts by that date, I will be paying upwards of close to $10,000 for domain names.

Do you have any suggestions as to what I might do? Alternatively, do you know if there is an email where I can reach customer support?

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  1. That's quite annoying! My recommendation is to use another registrar, and transfer your domains. You're likely to get a better rate on transfers than you are on new registrations, since the registrars love to cherry pick business from each other.

    All of my domains are registered using and I've never had any problems with them.

  2. Call the main switchboard at Yahoo. Ask for the office of Jerry Yang. His Secretary will be able to tell you who to speak to. Use her name when you speak to that person.

    They'll fix the problem just moments after they are done pooping their pants.

    The same trick works with any large company.