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Friday, March 28, 2008

Rapping on Web Standards

Never seen this sort of thing before: rap music on web standards and design. Pretty nifty:

Lyric highlights:

easy to look at with a nice navigation
when you can't find what you want it causes frustration
a clear Call to action to increase the temptation
use appealing graphics they create motivation
if you have animation
use with moderation
cause search engines can't index the information

when you use CSS, you page will load quicker
client satisfied like they eating on a snicker
they stuck on your page like you made it with a sticker
and then they convert now that's the real kicker
make you a lil richer, your site a lil slicker

The full lyrics of this song by The Poetic Prophet (aka The SEO Rapper) can be found on YouTube: Design Coding

Source: James A. Reeves (aka KinoSport), via email

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