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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

GoCrossCampus = Massively multiplayer game built on your social networks

GoCrossCampus is the latest online game swiping across the college dorms on the internet.

Built as a massively multi-player online strategy game similar to board games like Risk, this online gaming venture created by four Yalies and a Columbia undergrad is being compared to Facebook by the New York Times.

It's not another social networking site (thank goodness) but the game play that's easy to pick up reminds me a little bit of the snowball-throwing apps that made Facebook successful (and consequently annoying), and consequently helps you maintain the weak ties (and thus by network theories, strong connections) in your social network.

I tried it out today playing on the Yale alumni game:

GoCrossCampus: SML controlled by Morse / 2008-03-25 / SML Screenshots (by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)
Friends of the SML Universe would note that according to this screenshot, SML is currently controlled by Morse. SML, in this case, refers to Sterling Memorial Library, and should not be confused with yours truly.

In a gist, each participant represents a member of a larger team, each has a captain which can give private orders to its team mate. Participants made their own move for each turn (which lasts for a day?) following the masterminds of their team leaders (or not). Over time, teams conquer territories which resembles real physical location of the place.

I had fun so far, and during the visit spotted some old friends from college.

The games online currently are targeted to students and alumni of selected universities, but they are open to organizations who may wish to play.

Source: Jim Orsi via IconSpam

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