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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stuffed animals go social

I find myself browsing Interesting Items on Google Web History a lot lately as it managed to dig up fairly great stuff that I didn't know about that's actually related to my searches (thus interests).

Yesterday I discovered Webkinz.

Webkinz are just like any other stuffed animals that we have come to grow up with. But Webkinz are special in that they have a "Secret Code" on their labels that allow owners to "adopt" a virtual version of the toys to interact with online.

Here's a screen-capture of the tour:

I don't have a Webkinz yet so I can't speak from first-hand experience, but based on the tour it looks pretty neat. It is a lot like The Sims, where you get some money where you can upgrade your room with new decoration, food, furniture, etc. It also has some social features to allow kids to hang out via chats.

I tried to login yesterday but I could not because I don't have a special code. Trust that I shall look forward to getting one from Amazon soon.

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