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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Notchup = Get paid to interview for jobs

At a time when you are getting bored with yet another social networking site with a professional twist following LinkedIn's success, Notchup joined the game with a truly innovative twist to the game: get paid of interview for jobs.

That's right folks: Notchup asks the companies to pay up for a time of you sitting in for an interview.

Notchup: Get paid to interview for jobs / 2008-01-28 / SML Screenshots (by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)

How much is your time worth? Apparently a whole lot. In fact, it looks like that I can possibly make a living out of going to job interviews.

Here's more: the company gives its users incentive to invite their friends who might be interested in other jobs: for each friend you invite, they'll pay you a bonus equal to 10% of what your friend earns on every interview they do for a year.

It sounds kind of like a pyramid scheme to me but I signed up anyway. We'll see what happens. Like Ziki, Notchup has a LinkedIn profile import option, which is very handy because who wants to enter yet another profile these days?

In my opinion, all network data ought to be stored on the user's end and an open API ought to be made available to import user data instead.

There's no direct profile linking yet and the site is fairly barebones--the news of its availability also appears to be causing some server load issues, but the idea is sound and I look forward to seeing how well it goes.

via email from Kit Latham (Flickr / SML Wiki)

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