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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Still in hospital, feeling energetic

I've decided to post a brief summarized update to what happened to me so you don't need to read my small bursts of tweets for my whereabouts.

A much longer post will be meticulously crafted after my return to home.

I am writing this blog post standing in in the hallway of the New York Presbyterian Hospital, on one of the computer stations that I technically should not use, but since I am not one of the cool folks with an iPhone, I will have to make do, and you will have to make stand.

I have not been feeling all that well since Tuesday last week. I thought that it was just a stomachache and I didn't think much about it. Since I was on a rather time-sensitive project, I didn't want to 'drop the ball' as a certain "K" personality might like to put it, and go for some check-up. This stomachache got a whole bit worse and by the time Friday hits, I could barely walked. I was having diarrhea all day long til eventually I sent a panic email to a very closed friend Gregory Hull (Flickr / SML Wiki) who received my email at on 2007-12-08 10am in the morning in LES and rushed over to my RAMBO (Right After the Manhattan Bridge) residence (see for exact location) to help me to the nearest emergency room.

We originally got to a rather shabby hosptial, but upon which I realize that surgery is necessary, I decided to switch to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital, also known as the Weill Cornell Medical College.

I had a CT scan and was determined that I had a ruptured appendicitis. Surgery commenced on Sunday around 1am. Detail on the surgery to follow on a follow up post. But the design of the OR is AMAZING! Looks even better than any movie sets I've seen.

I'm currently staying at

Rm 8-224, 8 Central
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
525 E. 68th St.
New York, NY 10065

My direct line at the hospital is +1 212 585 7433.
My cell as you all know is +1 646 373 9008.

SML Thank You
I would like to thank the fantastic phonecalls and lots and lots of love from people at IconNicholson, including Susie Rust, Michele Lomas, Scott Heydt, Kip Voytek (via Susie), and the millions of you who are not allowed to call me because of an effective IconSpam halted by Travis Barr of Sunday Morning Mimosa

I would like to thank IconNicholson for the red flower arrangement.

I would like to thank John Frazier for the really gorgeous hand-picked flower arrangement and the oh so lovely darling phone call.

I would like to thank Jingle Blues for tracking me down on my Twitter post and navigitating his way to come see me with books in hand!

I would like to thank Susie Rust for dropping by with the orange rose bouquet last night. They bloomed today and are soooo pretty!

I would like to thank Kip Voytek for the chess strategy book for study.. though my mom accidentally transported it back home today... :(

I would like to thank Yale Alumni Magazine for featuring SML Universe on the November / December 2007 issue. I saw that blurb during my miserable stay at the hospital and it *really* made my day.

I would like to thank my mom for flying over from Hong Kong to see me. My dad is coming on December 18 I think.

I would of course like to thank Gregory Hull and my sister for medical assitance throughout the episode, which is not yet finished!

Lastly I would like to thank all the doctors, nurses and nursing aids who have been supportive and making me feel so at home here (what is particularly crazy about hospitals, as I have learned, is that farting and having gas will get a huge congratulating hug... details to come on next post.. no space no) too much verbal diarrhea here anyhow as I haven't taken any ADD meds for a week -- nor any other food for that matter..

More will be thanked as I gain more consciousness... not much moleskine'ing has been done during my adverse morphine'ing.

Will be pausing here.
Look for me again next week!


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  1. Jeeeeeeez, 'stis some kinda of award ceremony? SML=Sssooo Mudda-fuckin' Lame.

  2. To: Anonymous

    What's lame to me are those who dare to call people lame but has no face declare it.

    I'll be more than happy to write a post on why I think that's lame on

    And I will use my real name.


  3. Hey ! You are so lucky ! I hope you feel OK and have a fast recovery ! My heart is with you, I might try and give you a call !

    Get well soon !

    Kit aka Tarky7

  4. Hope you a rapid recovery.

    Take care,

    Daniel Minus

  5. Hope you a rapid recovery.

    Take care,

    Daniel Minus