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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yahoo Pipes: Flickr Social / 2007-11-10 / SML Pipes

I use Flickr a lot, but I am increasingly finding it frustrating to have to go onto Flickr everyday to track my friends' comments and also comments I have posted on, so I created this pipe to track all the commenting activities such that I can log them somewhere.

One of the problems I have with the way the Comments You've Made page works is that if you commented on some particularly popular images, you ended up having a lot of noise in that feed that is unrelated to you.

Given these two problem at hand, I created this pipe to return an RSS feed of all things happening to my activities without the extra noise:

Yahoo Pipes: Flickr Social / 2007-11-10 / SML Pipes (by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)
This screenshot has notes. Click on the images to get notes on individual modules used on Flickr

What this pipe does

  1. Based on a Flickr username (not user id), return a feed of:
    • Recent comments other people have posted about your photographs
    • Recent comments you have made to other people's photographs
  2. For your recent comments on other people's photographs, fitler out the result such that the feed contains only comments you have made and exclude other people's comments on the same photograph. This ensures that you don't get too much noise on that particular feed if that photograph become very popular--which appears to happen a lot to photographs which I commented on.
  3. Aggregate the results from the two and sort the items based on the published date.

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SML Thank You
I would like to thank Kris J. Clarke from Scotland for helping me out during the process as I develop this. Kris, you rock!

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