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Monday, November 5, 2007

The Power of Tagging

If you are one of those people who simply don't see the point of tagging, here's a true story from a friend of mine who has become a recent Flickr-tagging convert.

I recently got Gregory Hull (Blog / Flickr / SML Wiki) into getting his Flickr account, and shortly after I noted that his photos are not tagged. A couple of emails later, he started tagging.

Greg posted this photo on 2007-10-28 onto Flickr and tagged it with dog, halloween, costume, tompkins-square and iPhone.

'iPhone' halloween costume (by Gregory Hull)
Source: Flickr: Gregory Hull: iPhone' halloween costume. © 2007 Gregory Hull

Two days later, he received an email from a newspaper from Chicago asking to see if they can publish his photograph, and the rest is history.

Now this little known artist from New York, who used to garden for Jasper Johns (Google), went from an unknown to being covered by hundreds of iPhone-related Web site:

The photo was posted 7 days ago, and so far it has already received 3,758 views and 12 favorites. It stunned him and most definitely stunned me! (While I have photos on Flickr that has received 15,000+ views, this photograph's views-accumulation rate is still a record I cannot possibly beat!)

Hopefully this will provide a glimpse into the magic of tagging to the next avid tagger. :)

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