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Friday, November 9, 2007

MyBlogLog Problogger Contest = Win-Win Marketing Strategy

So if you want to win the ultimate Problogger toolset, check out our little contest over at MyBlogLog.

Tweets from Duzins (aka Robyn Tippins)

In an attempt to lure more customers to use MyBlogLog, a blogging community and analytics service, the company announced the "Become a Problogger Contest" which will hand out one grand prize winner to the community with the most rapid-growth over the period between November 8 to 30.

The grand prize winner will receive:

More Details about the contest.

I thought that it's a brilliant idea. The contest is user-centered, and no doubt any contestants will learn from the experience on how to market his/her own site. In turn, the company gains the community audience that it seeks.

When you have a win-win strategy for both the consumer and the company, you have a golden marketing plan. This, btw, is my key take-away reading from reading an article on the October 2007 issue of Harvard Business Review, where Jeff Bezos shares his thoughts on leadership through strategic change in a culture obsessed with today's consumer.

Harvard Business Review: he Institutional Yes: The HBR Interview with Jeff Bezos

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