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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Skyrails = Social network visualization

I found this amazing 3d interactive visualization of social networks while browsing posts from my friends' friends' blogs on Facebook:

Skyrails is developed by Yose Widjaja (Google / SML Wiki). When he's not busy working on Skyrails, he writes Flash games. Very cool.

More information
+ Skyrails Blog: official blog by the author
+ Download Skyrails beta: PC only, one generation before the current release, published on 2007-10-10

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  1. by the way, I'm not the 21 y/o irish guy, that's someone else that's doing thesis the same time as me.

  2. undersun,

    ic... my bad. How may I credit you? Feel free to put your link here so I can credit you more properly.

    And if you don't mind, a video interview would be awesome. We can also do this over IM.

    My email is [email protected]

  3. It appears that I have made a mistake. The author's name is Yose Widjaja and his web site is

    Properly credited.