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Monday, October 15, 2007

See-ming Lee / SML Skydive / 2007-10-13

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See-ming Lee - SML Skydive 2007.10.13 - Crazy Again!

I had so much fun last time that I decided to go back Skydive the Ranch for seconds (T2: Tandem 2)

I went with Adam S. Kirschner (Blog / YouTube) and his college buddie Brad for this round of crazy stunt.

Colin Sutherland could not make it because it was CME's birthday on Sunday. Eduardo F. Ortiz just jumped last week so he was not here either.

I am happy that my first video had generated enough buzz that has convinced Adam to come and he clearly had fun as well. See his video at YouTube: HiKirsch: Adam S. Kirschner - Skydiver

Last time was awesome, but this time I truly felt it. I still freaked a little when I jumped out of the plane, but it was all exciting shortly after... and for the first time around, I actually did enjoy the view very much.

Skydiving... highly recommended!

SML Skydive video remix

Two months have passed and I still have not had the chance to remix my first video, but with these new footage shot by Laszlo Andacs, I should have enough materials to create my upcoming dance track, Crazy is Good. Stay tuned. For more SML Music, visit

SML Thank You

Adam S. Kirschner: I would like to thank Adam S. Kirschner for inviting me to go with him on his first skydive! I love people who can work hard and play hard, and as I mentioned in my previous blog post, those are exactly the kind of quality I seek to work with. I am impressed, and I am really glad that Adam had a great time also. I Love ASK! Kudos!

Beth Schuman: I would like to thank Beth Schuman for jumpsuit wardrobe assistance. Beth had her first skydive the same day and I am very honored to be her witness as she signed away her life to her tandem instructor.

Brad Schwatz: I would like to thank Brad Schwatz for skydiving with us. I am also really glad that I have successfully convinced him to throw close to three hundred bucks to get a video on his first skydive. Brad is a shoe designer, and definitely has an eye for shoes. Fashion fashionistas warning: you have approximately five years to scoop him up before I am ready to build my fashion collection.

Denes Gutai: I would like to thank Denes Gutai for being my T2 skydive instructor. Denes is also the U.S. exclusive distributor for Intrudair, a line of quality jumpsuit products from Hungary. I checked out the site last night and those pants are hot! I also find the logo design of Intrudair to be really inspiring. Go check it out at!

Jeff Daniels: I would like to thank Jeff Daniels for skydiving with Brad.

Laszlo Andacs: I would like to thank Lazslo Andacs for shooting and editing the wonderful video above. Originally I was expecting this video to be similar to the first one shot by Oren Peri, as such I am very impressed to see the diversity in creativity in not just how the same subject can be explored, but also in terms of style and perspective. Very well done!

If you are interested in freefall videography, digital imaging and computer editing by this professional skydiver stunt cameraman, check out his website at

Marcos (SML Data: last name data unavailable): thank you for being Adam's T1 skydive instructor.

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