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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Partnership / Google / Business Ethics

It is not a matter of ethics that Google ranks their partners higher. That is ethical and logical.

Think about it this way: someone forwarded a job for you and ask if you know anyone can fill the position, if you know two people who are equally adequate with the same skills and same qualification (in a hypothetical world), you will forward the info to your closest friends, then to the company, then to the world at large—if you even decide that you are going to do so.

In other words, you rank people/things closest to you (closest degree of separation) to have a higher priority.

The problem people have with the business ethics relating to Google is that Google appears to favor some over the others. Please remember that Google is a business. This is why business partnerships are formed at the first place. To attain net neutrality or in my lingo, equilibrium state, you can create a better search engine that will eclipse Google and try not to be lured by Google’s offer to buy you out.

When you succeed, you have a chance.

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