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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gender Behavior Differences on Social Networks / Advertising Age

Advertising Age recently did its annual survey on college students and found that there is a significant split in social-networking activities between sexes.

Gender behavior split on social networks
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  • Facebook ranked as the most popular website among the 18-to-24 set
  • Social networking was twice as popular with young women as young men
  • MySpace, which was No. 1 last year, ranked No. 2 with females but dropped out of the top five for young men
  • That means marketers using social-networking sites to target young people are reaching far more females than males
  • Men are far more likely to use social-networking sites for business purposes such as LinkedIn
Male college students + UGC / Community
  • While their tech savvy showed, particualrly among men who ranked Digg and Engadget among their top 10 websites, they didn't make the leap to consumer-generated media.
  • Only 8% said they had uploaded videos to YouTube
  • 64% don't make videos at all
  • 14% don't share them with anyone
  • 75% surf social-networking sites
  • 71% read news online
  • Only 14% write blogs

Popularity Contest
College students' favorite brands

Advertising Age: 2007-10-04: Apple, Target, Facebook Tops for College Students
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