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Monday, October 22, 2007

Advanced Python or Understanding Python / Google Video

Google Video: Advanced Python or Understanding Python
Google Tech Talks February 21, 2007
Speaker: Thomas Wouters


The Python language, while object-oriented, is fundamentally different from both C++ and Java. The dynamic and introspective nature of Python allow for language mechanics unlike that of static languages. This talk aims to enlighten programmers new to Python about these fundamentals, the language mechanics that flow from them and how to effectively put those to use. Among the topics covered are duck-typing, interfaces, descriptors, decorators, metaclasses, reference-counting and the cyclic-garbage collector, the divide between C/C++ data and Python objects and the CPython implementation in general.

This talk is part of the Advanced Topics in Programming Languages series. The goal of this series is to encourage all of the people at Google who know and love programming languages to share their knowledge. If you would like information on upcoming talks, or to schedule a talk of your own, contact information is available on the wiki page.

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I am liking the Google Web History. They kept on sending me these interesting videos :)

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