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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Adsense as Blog Analytics Tool / 2007 / SML Ideas

Adsense as Blog Analytics Tool / 2007 / SML Ideas (by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)

Aside from generating petty change every month, Google Adsense can also serve as an ambient device for you to figure out how well your blog posts are without jumping into Google Analytics.

I use the 728x90 Adsense units on my professional blog, and I noted that:

  • When I first installed it, it had four random text ads on it.
  • Then I wrote a good blog post, and the four ad units turned into three text units
  • Then the spot hosts two ads
  • Until finally it turns into one giant ad.

When it turns into a single ad, I noted that:

  • The first time it turned into a single 728x90 banner, it's usually an Ameriprise ad
  • Then I'd start getting Circuit City ads
  • And then I'd get Yahoo ads (as seen above)
  • Until finally I get Google ads!

And when my blog posts aren't that great, it will start to dwindle back to 2-4 ads... when eventually it might even get to public service ads, which, thankfully never happens anymore. :)

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