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Thursday, September 27, 2007

SML Skydive / SML Thank You

Andrew Jacobs, thank you for modeling for SML Flickr.

Colin Sutherland, thank you for taking him to his first skydive on 2007.08.11.

Else-Marie Östling, thank you for suggesting that he go skydiving back in 2001!

John Skinner, thank you for being at SML's first sky dive.

Jorge Rodas, thank you for being with Eduardo F. Ortiz for his 3rd sky dive.

Mike Naugle, thank you for modeling for SML Flickr

Oren Peri, thank you for shooing my skydive footage!

Robert Souza, thank you for sharing your skydiving experience.

Rory Cooper, thank you for training SML on his first skydive :)

Steve (Utah) Webb, thank you for assisting my first skydive!

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