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Thursday, September 27, 2007

SML Google: Web History: Interesting Items / 2007-09-26T21:41-04:00 / SML

SML Flickr: SML Google: Web History: Interesting Items / 2007-09-26T21:41-04:00 / SML

SML.Screenshot: SML.Google.Web-History.Interesting-Items.20070926T2141-0400.png


It appears that your algorithm on machine-learning is doing quite well. These items are indeed interesting!

I recommend that your tweak your modifiers. For example, in Top-Queries.5, Propellerhead.Reason.4 is obviously related to my audio software searches, but you should be smart enough to know that I don't torrent.

Torrent, like data, information, website, etc. is a modifier and as such should probably not be used. Focus on the subject, which, in this case, should be Reason 4. In other words, make sets out of your queries for (reason 4)* instead.



Recent top queries related to your searches
1. columbia university
2. david deutsch
3. demonoid
4. leah culver
5. reason 4 torrent
6. revolution money
7. sonnox
8. feedhub
9. attendi

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1. NeHe Productions: Main Page
2. / World - Chinese military hacked into Pentagon
4. Become an SEO Professional & Dominate Google's Search Results ...
5. - Shocked Resource for Making Designers better Developers!
6. Schema Tutorial
7. A Picture is Worth... Being Nice to Cyclists in Toronto (TreeHugger)
8. MTA Metro-North
9. Lamictal (lamotrigine) - The Good, The Bad and The Funny. From ...

+ Using Data to "Brute Force" Hard Problems in Vision and Graphics
+ Canon Shutter sounds ranging from Canon 1DS MARK II to the 350D (Rebel XT)
+ skydive life

Google Gadgets
+ Rob Galbraith DPI: Digital photography news, reviews, tutorials and discussion forums for professional photographers

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