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Monday, September 3, 2007


Sex / 2007 / SML
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  • SML Circles
    Circle S = life = mother nature ;
    Circle M = pure transformation = pure process;
    Circle L = dirty appearance = evil exterior;

  • SML Colors
    Magenta = Life;
    Black + White = Gorgeous Photography;

  • SML Dictionary
    Sex = Art + Communication + Life;

SML Reference

  • Wikipedia: Sex

    Sex refers to the male and female duality of biology and reproduction. Unlike organisms that only have the ability to reproduce asexually, sexed male and female pairs have the ability to produce offspring through meiosis and fertilization. The two sexes attract one another and communicate their readiness to procreate through differences in their biology.

    An organism’s sex reflects its biological function in reproduction, not its sexuality or other behavior. The female sex is defined as the one which produces the larger gamete and which typically bears the offspring. In contrast, the male sex has a smaller gamete and rarely bears offspring. In some animals, sex may be assigned to specific structures rather than the entire organism. Earthworms, for example, are normally hermaphrodites.

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