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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Project Rebirth / 2004 / SML

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Project Rebirth (
Chronicling the Rebirth of Ground Zero in New York City

Screens (11 Total)
+ 1. Home
+ 2. Timeline: Camera C: View Cone
+ 3. Timeline: Camera C: Information
+ 4. Timeline: Today: 2004-11-17
+ 5. Timeline: Project Journal: 2003-11-23: Event: Opening of the PATH Train: Documentary
+ 6. Timeline: Project Journal: 2003-11-23: Event: Opening of the PATH Train: Journal
+ 7. Timeline: Project Journal: 2003-11-23: Event: Opening of the PATH Train: Journal Detail
+ 8. The Film: Project Journal
+ 9. The Film: Cameras
+ 10. The Rebuild about Ground Zero
+ 11. About Us: News & Press

+ Design Interact Site of the Week: 2004-12-20
+ Graphis Interactive Annual 3, 2005
+ One Show Interactive 2005 Merit Award
+ Web Marketing Association's WebAwards 2005: Best Non-Profit Website

IconNicholson Team (IconNicholson / LBi International)
+ Claudia Chow (Google / LinkedIn)
+ Katharine English (Google / LinkedIn)
+ Larry Burks (Google / LinkedIn)
+ Leslie Freeman (Google / LinkedIn)
+ Miles Kafka (Google / LinkedIn)
+ Paul Wood (Google)
+ Robert Fisher
+ See-ming Lee (Blog / Flickr / Google / LinkedIn)
+ Tim Murtaugh (Flickr / Google / LinkedIn)

Design Interact: Web Site of the Week (

Week of December 20: Project Rebirth Web Site
Project Rebirth is an online chronicle of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site. As immediate and compelling as a physical visit, this project gives people the opportunity to observe and share in the progress of the reconstruction.
Newly released at the time the team was considering technical specifications, this Project Rebirth Web site site uses the FlashMX development environment to full effect. Functioning as a portal to extensive content, the beauty of this Web site lies in its ability to be current and historical. With a visual design that appropriately takes a back seat to the content, it records ideas, images and interviews in their original context while also allowing for their evolution.
Primary content consists of a series of video images (presented in a timeline format) captured by six, 35mm time-lapse cameras positioned by Project Rebirth around the World Trade Center site. They shoot one frame every five minutes—and will continue to do so for ten years. The images enable the viewing of the rebuild as it occurs on any date; in seconds, visitors can see the footage of a single day. There are also interviews with reconstruction overseers, journals by filmmakers and video of major milestones in the redevelopment efforts.
Project Rebirth Web site
The key challenge for the developers was to create an interface that would incorporate what would ultimately be ten years of film footage, that didn’t inundate visitors and yet communicated the passage of substantial amounts of time. Their solution is an interactive, XML-driven timeline that delivers fluid viewing of time-lapse footage. It provides an appropriate time-based metaphor that also does a nice job of integrating video, audio, imagery and text-based content into a single interface. The time-based experience allows access to any moment in time and provides the ability to navigate the Web site by date and/or event. Our one complaint: The link from the home page, to this main feature, looks far too much like header art. We would have liked to see billing more in line with its importance.
This collaborative effort between Project Rebirth and IconNicholson began in the summer of 2003 and the site launched in September 2004. On average, visitors are staying on the site 19 minutes, which is significant in comparison to Internet-wide stays at sites with similar content. Interestingly, international users comprise 30% of all visitors.
Robert Fisher, creative director
Claudia Chow, art director
See-ming Lee, timeline art director/developer
Larry Burks, information architect
Miles Kafka, CGI programmer/engineer
Tim Murtaugh, HTML developer
Leslie Freeman, producer
Katharine English, Project Rebirth, general manager
Paul Wood, Project Rebirth, technical producer
IconNicholson, site design and development

Web site:
Web site:

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