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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Paul Wirhun / Eggman

Source: Paul Wirhun: Art Statement

Paul Wirhun, also known as the Eggman and Rosie Delicious, creates gorgeously painted and crafted sculpture out of eggshells. He has been working with eggshells since he was a little boy through learning the craft of Pysanky from his mother.

Paul believes that eggs are events — not simply objects. In his own words:

[Eggs] are the confluence of primal life forces, sexual energies, that create new life — new beginnings. The shells are memories of these events.

Because eggs possess and symbolize new life, traditional cultures used eggs as talismans, i.e. power objects for magic and ritual. Each egg is a spherical space, a continuously turning pictorial plane around which images distort, challenging common perceptions.

His work has been featured in Time Out NYC Magazine, Rapture Cafe & Books, Craft Magazine as well as the New York Times.

Many of his creations are available for sale on his site:

paul wirhun: art 4 sale: florals: Rosespaul wirhun: art 4 sale: globes: Color Globespaul wirhun: art 4 sale: Rose Mandala Mosaicpaul wirhun: art 4 sale: iconography: Crucifixionpaul wirhun: art 4 sale: skulls: Skullys

Expertly crafted by hand, his creations are monuments to a living genius. Highly recommended.

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