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Monday, September 3, 2007

Life Celebrates Diversity

Life Celebrates Diversity (Facebook Group)

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Life celebrates diversity.
Life celebrates differences.
Life celebrates humanity.

Regardless of age, attire, or build.
Regardless of class, color, or culture.
Regardless of education, flavor, or gender.
Regardless of hair style, income level, or interest.
Regardless of life style, location, or philosophy.
Regardless of profession, physique, or race.
Regardless of religion, role, or sexual taste.

Life is equilibriumism.
Life is everything and nothing.
Life is all of us and none of us.

See-ming Lee, 2007.07.07

Identity + Manifesto

  • Life = All colors = Whole Spectrum
    Cyan, Yellow and Magenta are the primary color pigments utilized in printing technology and is capable of creating every single color you see today. SML Tech Talk: The color black (K in the CMYK) is added into the mix because the ink or pigment we use today are not capable of reproducing a true black mixing CMY together. Additionally, firing a single black drop will create less of a dot gain then firing three-times the amount of pigment.

  • Life = He | She | It
    Throughout history, mother nature has been described as a male (cyan), a female (magenta), or genderless. The context from which you look at life changes--from the inside, from the outside and everything in between.

  • Life = Magic
    Life is magical (yellow) and full of its wonders. It creates the synergy between a man and a woman, the yin and the yang, the ideological state of equilibrium.

  • Life = All of Us = None of Us
    Life is all of us because it encompasses everything that you see / hear / feel / touch / taste. Life is none of us because it is formed as a united decentralized network of people regardless of (A-Z).

Copyright Notice

Copyright 2007 See-ming Lee. All rights reserved.

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