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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jen+Peter Wedding 360: Identity: Logo as Chinese Seal / 2005 / SML

SML Flickr: Jen+Peter Wedding 360: Identity: Logo as Chinese Seal / 2005 / SML

Wedding 360 / SML Projects (Set)
Wedding Invitations for the wedding of Jen Chen + Peter Evans.

The Jen + Peter logo reversed out and created as a traditional Chinese seal (stamp / chop). The seal is used to add a personal touch to all the thank you notes.

To save cost, we utilized commercial rubber stamp companies. The stamps are not perfect, but the imperfection actually adds value to the individually written stationary. Guests felt extra special when things are not prepackaged. Total cost for production: 34 dollars including shipping.

Wedding Identity / Logo
Double Happiness reinterpreted using lines and geometric shapes. Graphically, the traditional symbol for wedding literally unite the first names of the woman and the man.

The logo also draws inpsiration from the icons for the male and female symbols. This influence is much more apparent when you flip the logo.

SML Reference
Double Happiness - Google Image Search

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