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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Google search results = my online personal ad

Ok, I can see that you are very searchable. So what?
— via IM

When I googled myself a few years ago, I had less than a page of links. When I googled myself half a year ago, I had at most 30 pages of links. Now, when I google myself, I have about 50,000+ links. What's the purpose of all this?

One purpose, I say, is that it functions as my online personal ad. Why bother writing all those lengthy paragraphs of descriptions, interests and what I like or don't like when what people really want to do is get your name and Google it themselves anyhow?

So there: Google SERP = my online personal ad.

Scoop up everything related to me in words, images, videos, blog posts then email me at if you're interested.

To make this easier to forward to your friends, just send them my tiny url:


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