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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Adam S. Kirschner / SML Thank You

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Aspiration / Adam S. Kirscher / Photo: SML

I would like to thank Adam S. Kirschner (blog) for always being there to provide much-appreciated support + everlasting fun for me, and for providing his hyper-indexing power and serve as my auxiliary database + radar for everything in life I require.

I would further like to thank Adam for saving my life in a recent stressful project which I am not allowed to mention because of an NDA in effect.

As a result of Adam's courageous action, I am officially announcing that starting on 2007, August 3rd shall be named I love Adam S. Kirschner Day on the SML Calendar. This annual event, also known as I love ASK Day, shall be celebrated every year so long as SML is living. Related events will be announced as the day approaches.

I would further like to thank Michael Paige — a synergist in the field of everything related to art, music and technology — for providing the inaugural content to, a site dedicated to Adam.

I would further like to thank Tree Try Be for providing generous bandwidth and hosting solutions for the site.

Would you like to express your love to Adam? Go Digg I-Love-ASK!

iLoveASK is a non-profit organization established in 2007 dedicated to Adam S. Kirschner for his contributions to the human race. We are currently seeking personal and corporate sponorships for our events in 2008. If you would like to receive our media press kit and receive more information about us, please email [email protected].

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