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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tag Mirror = Your Books in the Eyes of others

I have been using LibraryThing for a while now and I am quite happy with it.

Source: LibraryThing

Originally it was mostly a data-entry chore, but I bought one of their $15(USD) CueCat bar-code scanner and started scanning in my books (work in progress). The downside of having all these books on the site, I noted, is that while there is no longer a nightmare for data-entry, tagging become a bit of an issue, as I still have to type them in one by one (another work in progress).

Today, I discovered a very innovative feature called tag mirror which I have never noticed before. As according to the site, it "is a new twist to tagging. Rather than showing a member's tags, this shows what other members think of a member's books."

Here's a screenshot of it:

LibraryThing Tag Mirror / 20070826 / SML Screenshot
Source: Screen capture of See-ming Lee's tag mirror on LibraryThing / 2007-08-26T09:04-05:00

Until I have time to properly tag all my books, it definitely helps me analyze what my true interests are better than my own tags :)

See my profile + my library + my tag cloud + my tag mirror + my author cloud on LibraryThing.

Also see LibraryThing's blog post about their innovation.

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