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Sunday, August 26, 2007

SML Internationalization Project Phase 1 / 李思明企業國際化第一階段

SML / 2007 / SML Graphic Design

SML Enterprise Internationalization Project Phase 1 has initiated. The first phase will mainly be focusing on Traditional Chinese presence on Flickr.

李思明企業國際化項目的第一階段已經開始. 第一階段將主要側重於 Flickr 中文化.

SML Flickr Collection = 李思明 Flickr Collection

SML Flickr Sets = 李思明 Flickr Sets

SML Flickr Tags = 李思明 Flickr Tags

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Copyright 2007 SML Enterprise. All rights reserved = 版權所有 © 2007 李思明企業

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