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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Phil Oye / SML Thank You

I would like to extend my thanks to Phil Oye for recommending that I check out the N.A.D.D. post on Rands in Repose a few months ago after my ADD diagnosis.

I would further like to thank Phil for his advice on technology and usability, to allow me to be more critical of myself in the ever-evolving process of re-iteration, re-invention and rebirth.

Phil, thank you.


  1. Yikes. Do I detect a bit of sarcasm?

  2. Phil,

    No, not at all. I mean every word I say. I am trying to move my SML Thank You entries from Twitter to Blogger. Maybe that's not working as well as I wish it to be.

    But untaggability on Twitter is not helping. I'll try using a different blog then :)

    No sarcasm here--I meant every word I say.

    As an fyi, I recently bought a domain name dedicated to Adam S. Kirschner for saving my life. See

    I really do thank you.

    I grow up in an environments where appreciations are generally not expressed in a very public way. I want to express them in a very public way.

    No sarcasm here!