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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Flickr Analytics / SML Analytics

  • Analyze the Flickr Intersestingness algorithm.

  • Tagging and grouping top 20 images from the Popular-Views, Popular-Favorites and Popular-Comments pages on Flickr.

  • Compare results with images from the various sets via AND / OR operators.

Preliminary Analysis

Top Views = what drives users to click;

Related tags: top-v111 / top-v333 / top-v555 / top-v777 / top-v999 / top-v1111 / top-v2222 / top-v3333 / top-v4444 / top-v5555 / views-top20

Top Faves = what drives users to buy;

Related tags: favorites / favorites-5 / favorites-10 / favorites-15 / favorites-20 / favorites-25 / favorites-30 / favorites-35 / favorites-40 / favorites-45 / favorites-50 / favorites-55 / favorites-top20

Top Comments = what drives users to blog;

Related tags: comments-top20

All three galleries combined give you the winning ingredients for market success for any advertising campaigns. These sets, as such, double-duty as quick-visual reference for your next photoshoot.

If analyzing my own photographs give me this conclusion, I can only imagine the entire collection of images hosted on Flickr can provide.

Hypothesis: Top Interesting = Algorithm (Views, Favorites, Comments)

AND(Views, Favorites, Comments) / Flickr Analytics / SML (Set)
Thumbnails / Detail / Slideshow

I hypothesize that Yahoo is using these data to train an AI (artifical intelligence) algorithm to predict images that will be influential. (Related: see my blog post on Theorizing aesthetics). And if they aren't, I think that they should. Google literally dominates the text-ad market by indexing every single bit of text available to them, it would be smart for Yahoo to pick a different market segment and become the expert in it.

200 Most Interesting Images / Flickr Analytics / SML (Set)
Thumbnails / Detail / Slideshow

200 Most Interesting People / Flickr Analytics / SML (Set)
Thumbnails / Detail / Slideshow

200 Most Interesting Designs / Flickr Analytics / SML (Set)
Thumbnails / Detail / Slideshow


(1) Top 20 ranking fluctuates. As a result, it is possible for the Top-20 sets to have more than 20 photographs.


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