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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Audience Extras = Great Deals for Broadway Shows

Recently a friend invited me to see Anti-Gravity: The 2007 Tour in New York, a show which New York Times describes as being "a tribute to human chandelier."

The show was awesome, but box office sales runs from $45-$60. Pretty hefty for me. As it turns out, my friend uses a service called Audience Extras, and it makes all Broadway shows affordable. According to its official description:
  1. Audience Extras (AE) screens for responsible, dependable and discreet people to put in an empty seat when a producer needs extra audience.

  2. It distributes "paper" complimentary tickets in a way that could develop future audiences, that is, on a "free sample" introductory basis.

  3. It uses this "papering" program as an ongoing funding source for non-profit theater.
If you join online, you pay 65 dollars a year and attend as many shows as you like for only $3.00 reservation service charge per ticket.

That's a deal too good to not share.


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