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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blogging, a realization

I just realize today, that instead of bothering people with monologue IM, I should blog instead. It's really the same thing. Here are the differences:
  1. Instead of typing paragraphs after paragraphs on an IM window, I type paragraphs after paragraphs into an editable area.

  2. Blogging enables the ability to not have to shut someone up with a wall of text that is normally unreadable inside the size of an IM window.

  3. I can edit what I said previously, correct my spelling mistakes, and I don't get the instant gratification of the occasional uh-huh that my 'target' was able to insert in between my 80wpm-typing.

  4. With blogging, I cannot be certain a single person would read these words. Ultimately, however, I guess I don't really care -- like maybe I don't really care that someone is actually reading my IMs... hmm...

So, in under two minutes, I managed to type a ton of stuff without someone thinking that I am just purely crazy. That's good. That's therapy.

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